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MiniseriesChatz II

“We won't die secret deaths anymore. The world only spins forward. We will be citizens. The time has come. Bye now. You are fabulous creatures, each and every one. And I bless you: More Life. The Great Work Begins.”

The stories of a mischievous and down-on-her-luck social climber, a group of people living in New York City in the midst of 80s American culture and the AIDS epidemic, and a post-apocalypse torn apart by forces of good and evil. What do these stories have in common? Well...that's a great question. Join us as we spend our 11th season traveling through time and reality to arrive at 11th hours, teetering on the edge of hope and despair. We reckon with humanity in crisis, from the personal to the societal, and we explore what it means to live in and through hard times. Also, we make fun of some silly 90s Stephen King stuff in there too.

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The Hosts


Amelia "Omens" Sedley 

Omens (our guest host for VanityChatz) is a strong character who's sick of your nonsense. She also has an impeccable sense of period-appropriate fashion and is not fond of capitalism.

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Harper "Allen"

Allen believes that in this world, there is a kind of painful progress. At least, they think so - meanwhile, they're trying to create beautiful things and experience the work of others doing the same.

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Randall "Magellan"

Magellan hopes we can develop a more nuanced, human understanding of what "evil" means beyond "long-haired bad-man wears jean jacket." This is no endorsement of  such bad-men.

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