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Avatar: The Last ChatzBender

"Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to help others."

When the world needed him most...he vanished. But then, he came back, and they made a show about it! In this beloved cartoon classic, immature Avatar Aang must learn to master the powers of the four elements and return peace to a world ravaged by imperialism. (It sure would be nice if we could get one of those Avatars for ours too, huh?) With the help of his friends, enemies-turned-friends, and adorable animal companions, Aang teaches us all that true wisdom sometimes comes from those who never grew old enough to be corrupted by a broken world.

Uncle Iroh Avatar.jpeg

Allen "Uncle Iroh"


Yip yip! Hailing from the Earth Kingdom to the North, Allen loves long walks on the beach, girls with lightning powers, Sparky Boom Boom types, and blind bandits with secret pasts!

Zuko Avatar.png

Magellan "Angsty Zuko"


Magellan doesn't like to go out at night because he used to date the moon and now it's just this whole awkward thing. Also, he definitely isn't that masked vigilante that just saved your life.

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