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In a space shuttle experiment gone wrong, all-American astronaut John Crichton finds himself shot through a wormhole to a galaxy of living ships, talking puppets, and half-lizard leather-daddies. Such is the world of Farscape (1999), the first show we covered for Chatz: A Television Podcast. Join our journey through the stars and experience this incredible show with us for the first time. There will be pizza! And margarita shooters!

On this page, you'll find...

ScapeChatz Season Recaps

Season Recaps

Jump into our Farscape coverage wherever you choose with one of our season recaps, in which we organize the episodes from Lowlights to Essentials, and everything in between.


Aired: 1999 - 2000

ScapeChatz Episodes 01 - 12


Aired: 2000 - 2001

ScapeChatz Episodes 13 - 23


Aired: 2001 - 2002

ScapeChatz Episodes 24 - 35


Aired: 2002 - 2003

ScapeChatz Episodes 36 - 48

The Hosts


Allen "Chiana" Ibrahim

Allen rebelled against their parents by sprouting guns all over their body and bonding with a man with a ponytail.


Pet Obsession: Terry The Terry Cloth Blanket

Pet Peeve: Bugs On The Ship Episodes

Favorite Quote: "Kill her, then we'll have pizza and margarita shooters."

Favorite Character: Co-Kura Strappa


Magellan "Braca" Pfluke

Magellan is actually an equally hunky clone of Magellan determined to steal your heart.

Pet Obsession: Translator Microbes

Pet Peeve: Maldis

Favorite Quote: "...Moya will die."

Favorite Character: Co-Kura Strappa

ScapeChatz Host Bios
Pilot Farscape.jpg


Favorite Episodes


The Way We Weren’t (S2E05)
I am so glad we got an episode fairly early in the show to establish a) how good our boy Pilot is and always was, b) Aeryn’s troubled past, and c) that yes, even puppets can make you cry.


Liars, Guns and Money - A Not So Simple Plan (S2E19)
Farscape has always had an undercurrent of powerful sexual energy, from its leather-bound villains to multiple BDSM references. Before the end of one of Team Moyas greatest heists, wrangling together all their cool friends, all we are left with is John and Scorpius, wielding each other’s one true weakness, ready to burst at any moment. It is poetry in motion.


A Constellation of Doubt (S4E17)
I’ve always been a sucker for self-reflective episodes, and this one manages to be funny AND poignant!


Prayer (S4E18)
Unrealized realities? Saying Katratzi in a funny voice? Aeryn Sun’s secret assassin backstory? A wonderful podcast with oldasyouromens? Frell yes!


Bad Timing (S4E22)
The Farscape finale is Good, Actually. It was always good.


Favorite Episodes


A Human Reaction (S1E16)

This is the episode that made me fall in love with Farscape. It captures the heartbroken tragedy of those who dream that their fellow man will listen to their better angels (or aliens), and it reaffirms the importance of love, hope, and knowing how to find it where you already are.


Out Of Their Minds (S2E09)

Farscape has a plethora of zany concept episodes, but this episode would be the core text of a university course called "How To Write A Great Body-Switiching Episode 101."


Infinite Possibilities (Part 2): Icarus Abides (S3E15)

It would be impossible to explain what's incredible about this episode without spoiling, like, ten distinct cool Farscape things. Just watch it - it's as great as that kickass title implies.


Dog With Two Bones (S3E22)

Some Farscape episodes are funny, some are operatic, some are mindblowing, and some put all of those things in a blender and pours it over your head. Also we had listener Brian Hall join us for one of our favorite discussions!


Terra Firma (S4E13)

"A Human Reaction" may depict John's fears of returning home, but "Terra Firma"'s own thang! And the 9/11 ramifications are? Part of it!

ScapeChatz Favorite Eps
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