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“We are like the dreamer who dreams, and then lives inside the dream.”

Right before Allen and Magellan watched their first official Chatz show, Farscape, they tested out the format of Chatz by watching Twin Peaks. Although their appreciation for it at that time was all pie and wry smiles, there was an eye towards the sublime that led to their return to Twin Peaks (and to Twin Peaks: The Return). Listen as they examine the most widely known cult show, the most surreal soap opera, the most familiar horror story ever told, joined along the way by a town's worth of friends and special guests.

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The Hosts


Allen "Candie" Ibrahim

Allen's interests include pageant-winning witches and listening to the sounds.

Dwayne Milford.png

Magellan "Dougie" Pfluke

Magellan laughs like that in real life and doesn't know it.


Ryan AKA "Diane"

Ryan is not going to make the coffee today just because you won a bet.

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