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Chatz & Prejudice

"I love you, most ardently."

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that two podcast hosts in possession of a good rapport, must be in want of a show to discuss. And, while we love books and Jane Austen well enough, the best way to get us interested in making that show a miniseries is to tell us that Colin Firth will get fully drenched in it. Along the way to that famous scene, in this mini-season of Chatz we discover the meaning of love and the means that can prove its undoing, or its happily-ever-after.

Fancy Antique Room

The Hosts


Allen "Bingley" Ibrahim

Hailing from West Chatzshire, Allen is seeking a proper mate after time serving in the Chatz Wars. But lo, a ghost appears to have taken residence in Ibrahimshire; the Ghost of Christmas Chatz!


Magellan "Denny" Pfluke

Magellan's idea of courtship is to stare longingly as the object of his affection plays the piano across the parlor, at times quietly mouthing the tune and quickly looking askance if spotted.

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