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"I consider the true history of our revolution to be lost forever."

Before Hamilton made us fall in love with an elitist, monarchist, proto-capitalist, HBO's John Adams asked the question: "what if the most important Founding Father was the one that nobody could stand and nobody remembers that fondly?" Paul Giamatti leads this Dutch-angled examination of the life of a man who history has spurned, for better and for worse, with Laura Linney turning in an incomparable performance as Abigail Adams, and a rogues gallery of tight-jawed white guys serving as Adams's assorted friends and rivals. 


Allen "Big Fat Liar" Ibrahim

Allen and John Adams share some uncanny similarities. Their thoughts are so clear to them, each one takes perfect shape within their mind. But when they speak, when they offer them to others, they seem to lose all definition. This makes podcasting a fun and exciting challenge!


Magellan "Sideways"


Like John Adams, Magellan got so sick on a trip to Europe that he sent his eldest son on a one-way diplomatic mission to Russia, only for that son to dunk on his politics at family dinners for decades to come. Maybe he shouldn't have made his middle name "Quincy"...

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