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"Living in the past, it's a new generation"

As modern-day philosophers Bowling For Soup once said, "high school never ends. Whoa whoa, whoa whoa-oh-oh, whoa whoa-oh-oh, whoa whoa-oh-oh." In the second season of Chatz: A Television Podcast, Allen and Magellan voluntarily dwell on their high school experiences (if you can believe it!) as they watch through Freaks and Geeks (1999). This cult classic, cancelled before its time, follows the lives of cast-outs and shut-ins as they do their best to survive the not-so-best years of their lives. 


Allen "The Geek" Ibrahim

Proof that not all good-looking people are cool, Allen spends their time in class talking over movies, quoting Bill Murray, and concealing some...weird urges.

Favorite Class: Science Class

Extracurriculars: Band, Chess Club, Debate Team

Senior Quote: "Why don't you make out with my butt, and we'll call it love?"

Superlative: Most Likely To Become A Bionic Woman


Magellan "The Geek" Pfluke

In high school, Magellan said no to drugs, even though nobody was asking him to drugs in the first place. Instead, he got high on Risk, television, and constant social anxiety.

Favorite Class: Codebreaking 101

Extracurriculars: Academic Decathlon, Mathletes (yes, they are different!)

Senior Quote: "Ma'am, I hope there aren't any peanuts in these peanuts."

Superlative: Most Likely To Succeed...Jeff Rosso In His Position

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