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Chatzylon 5

"Who are you?" "What do you want?"

It was the dawn of the sixth season of Chatz, four years after the Podcast Wars. The Chatzylon Project was a dream given form. Its goal: to provide a space for Allen and Magellan to watch yet another sci-fi show and work out their opinions peacefully. It was a port of call- home away from home for nerds, friends of the show, assorted guests, and running jokes. Microphones and Skype calls wrapped in one to two hour episodes of recaps and discussion, all alone in your podcast catcher of choice. It can be a dangerous podcast, but it’s our last hope for first-time watchers of the show to not be spoiled. This is the story of the last of the Chatzylon podcasts. The years were 2018-2019. The name of the show is Chatzylon 5.

On this page, you'll find...



Aired: 1999 - 2000

ScapeChatz Episodes

01 - 12


Aired: 2000 - 2001

ScapeChatz Episodes

13 - 23

Chatzylon 5 Season Recaps
Babylon 5 Station.jpg

Season Recaps

Jump into our Babylon 5 coverage wherever you choose with one of our season recaps, in which we organize the episodes from Lowlights to Essentials, and everything in between.


Aired: 1993 - 1994

Chatzylon 5 Episodes 01 - 13


Aired: 1994 - 1995

Chatzylon 5 Episodes 14 - 25


Aired: 1995 - 1996

Chatzylon 5 Episodes 26 - 38


Aired: 1996 - 1997

Chatzylon 5Episodes 39 - 51


Aired: 1998

Chatzylon 5 Episodes 52 - 65



Aired: 1999

Chatzylon 5 Episodes 67 - 74

The Lost


Aired: 2007

Chatzylon 5 Episode 76



Live From The Applebees...

Chatzylon 5 Episode 77

Chatzylon 5 Host Bios

The Hosts

Babylon 5 Londo.jpg

Allen "Londo" Ibrahim

Allen has a collection of super-powerful rings that he never uses or talks about again.

Babylon 5 G'Kar.jpg

Magellan "G'Kar" Pfluke

Magellan sleeps on a diagonal bed underneath a giant poster of his hero, Daffy Duck.

Babylon 5 Kosh.jpg

Charlie "Kosh" Dektar

There is a hole in Charlie's mind (because he only joins us for the B5 movies and has seen none of the show).

Chatzylon 5 Favorite Eps
The Zocalo Babylon 5.jpg


Favorite Episodes


Endgame (S4E20)

I’m glad we watched Babylon 5 when we did. By the time you reach “Endgame”, the series is literally firing on all cylinders: telepaths being used as weapons, the murder of a dictator, and the loss of one of our favorite side characters all in 45 gripping minutes.


Deconstruction of Falling Stars (S4E22)

I’ve always been a sucker for stories about the passage of time and legacy, and “Deconstruction” does so effortlessly. What do our actions matter 10, 100, even 1000 years down the line? What core human element remains when all else has died?


Favorite Episodes


The Coming of Shadows (S2E09)

The story of Londo Mollari is, to my mind, the central arc and tragedy of the entirety of Babylon 5. "The Coming of Shadows" is the episode where Londo makes what may very well be his first, and last, real decision in his life, the consequences of which unfold from this point until the very end of the series.


Dust to Dust (S3E06)

G'Kar, in the depths of his rage and thirst for retribution, discovers the bitter taste of blood when he forces his way into Londo's mind with the help of a telepathy boosted drug. This episode marks an important fulcrum in G'Kar's journey, and is his first step away from perpetuating the cycles of violence that have characterized Centauri/Narn relations for centuries.


Into the Fire (S4E06)

More than any show I've ever seen, Babylon 5 is a show that understands how to use the trappings of history and religion to tell deeply human stories. It tells us that we are fated to throw off the thrall of darker angels, even if it means making some of their mistakes for ourselves.


Intersections in Real Time (S4E18)

A complex, isolating portrait of defiance in a world where truth is malleable, reality is subjective, and mustard is dangerous. This is genuinely one of the most chilling interrogation stories I've encountered since 1984.


Day of the Dead (S5E08)

The characters of Babylon 5 are versatile - we enjoy watching them in moments of crisis and moments of quiet, in the midst of battle and mid-way through a conversation. This episode certainly errs on the quieter side, and deepens the emotional realities of a few of the crew who may have otherwise been left underserved by the larger plot of the show.

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