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"There is no object more valuable than a man's life."

Roots is a distinctly American saga, one which tells the human story which should be at the very heart of our understanding of what defines "American History." Beginning with white slavers abducting Kunta Kinte from his home in the Gambia, and tracing his familial line from a life in bondage in the 1700s to the life of his descendant, author Alex Haley, in the 1960s, Roots and Roots: The Next Generations offers a valuable window into the cruelty present from our nation's very founding, as well as the resilience, hope, and love that the characters of this story use to survive.


Allen Ibrahim

With family going back to when Syria was just called...Greater Syria, Allen values their family's culture deeply. While they haven't dug through library archives for old family trees, they did enjoy an extended call with their aunt about their great-grandparents, ties to home, and the cyclical nature of history.


Magellan J. Pfluke

According to, Magellan is at least four different kinds of white, and not just the Italian part that he and his father pretend covers everything. He has spent his professional career as a high school U.S. History teacher reckoning with his identity and the larger context that shapes all of our lives. 

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